Examples of Our Work

lack of power cooper s

2008 Mini Cooper Works Edition - came in with lack of power and the engine management light illuminated on the dashboard. The customer had visited other garages who were unsuccessful in diagnosing the cause . We traced the cause to two main culprits. The first was the waste gate on the turbo was heavily worn causing it to fail to close tightly, dropping boost pressure under load.  The second issue and slightly more worrying was the engine timing was found to be two teeth out. On further investigation we found severe damage to timing chain guides which had allowed the chain to become loose and move on the crankshaft pulley.  When fitting the timing chain we found how lucky the customer was to not suffer major engine damage as the oil pick up was full of broken timing chain guide, restricting oil pressure.  Once removed and timing chain parts and turbo replaced the car was like a different vehicle .A very lucky customer.

importance of servicing

The importance of servicing !
Servicing is a vital piece of preventative maintenance, to prolong the life and efficiency of your vehicle.   At minimum oil changes should be carried out at yearly intervals to prevent carbon build up inside modern engines.  Here are some examples of filters from a vehicle that hadn't been serviced for 3 years

viezu power remap

A lovely Audi s3 in today for a viezu remap . Remap carried out improving performance and power output of an already impressive vehicle . Message us to price a remap on your vehicle



We undertake a whole range of different work on most vehicles including upgrades to your car . We can supply and fit a whole range of different performance products . Here we have a mk5 golf gti having a Milltek rear silencer supplied and fitted ,giving a sportier note and better exhaust gas flow